About Bay State Mass Swarm

Our Program

The Bay State Swarm is an Elite program in New England that offers AAU teams to boys and girls for Grades 3-12. We have three levels of teams; Elite, Regional, and Local teams.

The Swarm name is becoming a major brand when it comes to New England Basketball. We pride ourselves on skill development and helping players reach their ultimate potential. We are partnered with 1 Stop Basketball which is a full time training program which offers individual and group training, conditioning, camps, clinics, leagues, after school programs, and much more!

The Swarm is an official partner of the Jr. NBA Program!

We have a top notch coaching staff with many of our coaches having playing and or coaching experience at the college level. We also have a handful of coaches who are currently on High School Varsity Coaching staffs in the Central Mass and RI areas.

Mission Statement

 Our program aims to teach players the game of basketball through fundamental skills. In addition to teaching fundamental skills, we will guide our players to reach their highest potential as an individual player as well as a teammate. Players will understand terms such as respect, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and commitment. In the end, it’s our hope that each player will get a maximum growth as a player and a person; and additionally, grow to love this great game of basketball.

The Bay State Swarm was founded and created by Mike Byrnes in the Winter of 2017. The Swarm merged with Dave Lyth and the Bay State Flash to become the Bay State Swarm. The Bay State Flash was founded and created by Dave Lyth in 2012.

The Bay State Swam is an expansion to the Central Mass and Metro West Swarm. The Central Mass Swarm was founded in 2008, and now has a large alumni of players who are now playing at prep schools and colleges all around the New England area. Our program is in place to serve basketball players players all over this area, from teaching them basic skills in 3rd grade to making phone calls to college coaches for them as high school players. For more information, please contact Mike Byrnes at mbyrnes@swarmaaubasketball.com or 08-826-5233.